You asked. We listened. You loved meeting the Rated R Superstar. You loved meeting the leader of the Peeps. But what about Edge AND Christian? Well grapple fans, the time has come to meet your favourite tag team that totally reeks of awesomeness! We are excited to announce that Edge (Adam Copeland) and Christian (Jay Reso) will be joining us at London Film and Comic Con on 29th and 30th July!

This is a rare joint convention appearance from the guys you all know well as innovators in ladder matches, hugely successful solo careers, and even something to do with vampires if you go that far back! It's hard to believe that Edge and Christian have been around in the industry for so long, always managing to reinvent themselves and stay current and relevant. The team will always be remembered for their work with the Dudley Boyz and the Hardyz, making the tag team division in WWF/WWE one of the best in the world. With 7 tag title reigns over the years, they truly solidified themselves as one of the most popular and successful tag teams in wrestling history.

It didn't stop there though. Both men knew they were destined for greatness outside of the team and went their own separate ways for a number of years. Many mid-card titles were obtained between the two Canadian superstars – European, Hardcore, Light Heavyweight and Intercontinental championships came their way but that wasn’t enough for either man. Christian obtained the ECW and World Heavyweight Championships while Edge went on to be a WWE Championship holder as well as King of the Ring, becoming Mr Money in the Bank and even a Royal Rumble winner. When you look down their accolades it’s truly astounding how much they achieved in their careers, both as tag team specialists and singles competitors.

Of course we all remember the emotional retirement of Edge due to a number of physical issues. Someone who clearly loves the business so much being forced to give it up was something difficult but fans worldwide were thankful that he was able to walk away when he did. With Christian being able to do the same thing, both men left behind truly memorable legacies and have been able to do great projects like The Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network, numerous podcasts and sporadic appearances on WWE programming since retiring. Edge has also appeared in high profile shows such as Haven and Vikings! Both men will always be remembered for their dedication and entertainment in the ring and we can’t wait to hear their stories at London Film and Comic Con.


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