Here at LFCC 2019 we have an amazing guest for you: Ian Somerhalder. The Vampire Diaries has become one of the most popular vampire shows on TV, and we have one of the Salvatore brothers are gracing us with his presence.

Ian Somerhalder plays Stefan’s older brother Damon Salvatore. During the series, Damon helps his brother to protect Elena, and eventually sires her to save her life. This causes tension as she develops feelings for him, and is unsure if this is because of the sire bond they have. After severing the bond, she reveals that she does indeed choose him over Stefan. 

Ian had a successful career in acting before The Vampire Diaries, appearing in Young Americans, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Tell Me You Love Me to name a few. He had a recurring role in Smallville, playing Adam Knight, and also played Boone in popular TV series Lost between 2004 and 2010, a role which arguably focussed the spotlight on Ian as an actor. 

Ian is appearing at London Film and Comic Con on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July 2019. He is a diamond pass guest, with passes for Saturday and Sunday available. Don’t delay, grab yourself a ticket. 


By Danielle Allen


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