Young Death, Shaolin Cowboy

Peter started in comics way back in the last century when his samples were found to have merit by Steve MacManus, who at the time was acting Tharg at 2000AD. This meeting resulted in him being offered art chores on the John Wagner written story, “Young Death, Boyhood of a Superfiend”, which ran in the first year of The Judge Dredd Magazine. Over the next few years he painted lots of Judge Dredd stories, notably a favourite of a great many people, the John Wagner weepy, “Bury My Knee at Wounded Heart”.

In the mid-90s a Grendel Tales series for Dark Horse led to him working for US publishers, mainly DC/Vertigo, which went pretty smoothly until a couple of projects (one, a Vertigo one-off and, the other, a three-part DC universe story) went unpublished, due to no fault of his own, led to work drying up. 

Around this time he did a few projects for Henson’s Creature Shop in Camden, and started a job for a Games Company in Dewsbury. This didn’t last too long, possibly due to Peter’s lack of ability to work in a group of people, so he went back to comics. This was around early 2002, and he’d recently embraced working with digital colouring which lead to collaborations with other creators working on colouring, lettering and design, notably with Geof Darrow on his Shaolin Cowboy project. 

Over the ensuing years he’s coloured quite a few books but in 2012 he started working with his old mates, Frank Quitely and Mark Millar on Jupiter’s Legacy. Since then he’s done a lot of jobs for Millarworld, colouring, lettering, and design work, though, since Netflix bought the Millarworld titles a couple of years ago, he’s mainly been doing lettering for the line of books.

Though he still draws quite a bit, he’s not drawn any comics recently, something quite a lot of his friends in the comics business think he ought to rectify soon.

He tends to agree!


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