Dark Lines of London, Raggedy Man Tales

Mariela Malova is a London-based artist, illustrator and designer. She was born in Russia and moved with her family to Varna in Bulgaria when she was 7 years old. 

As a child Mariela was fascinated by Russian circus and puppetry and by the magic of stories and theatre. Her desire to discover and comprehend what went behind the curtain led her to study scenography at the National Academy of Arts in Sofia. Here she learnt how to create and design characters and performance environments, a craft much in evidence in her subsequent and highly imaginative illustration work. 

After graduating, Mariela worked in many areas of the visual arts, including set and costume design, stop motion animation, storyboarding, puppet and prop making, photography and graphic design. She also worked on private commissions and commercial designs, while always secretly aspiring to illustrate books. 

When by chance she met Stephen Saleh in 2016 and was invited to become the artist for Dark Lines of London she was finally able to realise her dream. 

In comic illustration Mariela is able to combine her love of stories with her original and captivating designs to create lasting magic on the page, and has recently worked on The Raggedy Man Tales for Markosia. 

Dark Lines of London is her first graphic novel, and will be released this LFCC through Markosia.


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