Doctor Who, Rivers of London

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Andrew Cartmel is a script editor, screenwriter, comic writer and novelist.

His work for BBC television includes a three year stint as Script Editor and 'show runner' on DOCTOR WHO for the entire Sylvester McCoy Seventh Doctor era. Executing the ‘Cartmel Master Plan’ he turned the Seventh Doctor back into a master-player in dangerous games, a weaver of cosmic strategies, and a powerful and towering enigma under alien skies.

Andrew Cartmel also presided over the introduction of the character of Ace as played by Sophie Aldred — one of the most influential Doctor Who companions of all time. And definitely the first to attack a Dalek with a baseball bat.

His recent DOCTOR WHO work includes writing the comic strips for DOCTOR WHO ADVENTURES magazine, and writing a Seventh Doctor miniseries for Titan. And his classic earlier Doctor Who comics have been reprinted in two volumes from Panini entitled THE GOOD SOLDIER and EVENING'S EMPIRE.

Currently Andrew Cartmel is collaborating with Ben Aaronovitch on writing the bestselling RIVERS OF LONDON comics. The first three graphic novels BODY WORK, NIGHT WITCH and BLACK MOULD have been published by Titan.

Andrew’s latest work is a successful series of crime novels about the Vinyl Detective, a record collector turned sleuth. The first four books, WRITTEN IN DEAD WAX, THE RUN-OUT GROOVE, VICTORY DISK and FLIP BACK are available now. (Warning: may contain cats.)


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