Batman, X-Men, Witchblade

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Attending: Fri & Sun

After drawing for Marvel UK, 2000AD and many other British publications, David Hine swapped his pencil for a keyboard in 2004 and has since written classic characters like SPIDER-MAN NOIR, X-MEN, THE INHUMANS, DAREDEVIL, BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE SPIRIT, SPAWN, THE DARKNESS and ELEPHANTMEN.

His creator-owned books include STRANGE EMBRACE, STORM DOGS with Doug Braithwaite, THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN with Shaky Kane and SECOND SIGHT with Alberto Ponticelli.

He has worked on numerous projects with Mark Stafford including THE MAN WHO LAUGHS for SelfMadeHero and THE BAD, BAD PLACE for Soaring Penguin. Their latest graphic novel, LIP HOOK was published by SelfMadeHero, funded by Arts Council England. In April this year, SEPTEMBER MOURNING was published from Top Cow.


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