This book wasn’t too high up on my reading list – but I get sent a lovely copy and seeing how many good reviews this book got on Goodreads already before it had even come out I had to pick it up! I was so excited to try reading something different than usual. With Halloween coming up who could ask for a book more appropriate to read? Filled with witched, demons and devils it’s honestly something everyone needs to read to get into the spooky season sprit.
The wonderful Syed Masood took some time out to come and speak to us here at YALC about his new debut YA novel More Than Just a Pretty Face!
You always need somewhere to store your books right? Bookshelves are the most popular way of keeping your much loved possessions safe and on display for everyone to see. But how do you start with organising that book shelf?
Holly Jackson appeared in the YA novel market last year with her debut novel A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder and it instantly became a MASSIVE hit! Her first novel was definitely one of my favourites from last year. Good Girl, Bad Blood could quite possibly another successful hit for Holly and is another favourite for 2020 for me. I honestly,could not put this book down. From start to finish I was hooked in the story, following from the first adventure of Pip.
This is Laura’s first novel not part of the Izzy O’Neill series (which I loved). It’s an amazing book and totally different to her other works!
I was so honoured when Akemi Dawn Bowman herself actually offered me a physical copy of her latest novel early, because I have been trying to get my hands on it for a while now and sadly couldn’t. I love her other novels and couldn’t wait to see how this one played out and honestly, I am so glad I didn’t have to wait!
As we all know, film adaptations of books aren’t uncommon. And yes, the books definitely tend to be better than the films or shows which are released, but we can’t help but love watching our favourite literary characters coming to life on the big screen. This year is no different, and there are a lot of YA books which are due to come out in 2020 or are being produced this year. Here is a list some of the books we all know and love which are coming to the big screen:
Another book from the amazing team at Barrington Stoke Teens, Elizabeth Wein has written a beautiful dyslexic friendly, easy read novel reliving a well known historical moment and great friendship crammed into only 128 pages.
Unstoppable is Dan Freedman’s first young adult novel. This is not part of his football series, ‘James Johnson’ and is not aimed at sport fans, although it does include some football which we all know Dan must be a wizard at by now.
If you have ever picked up a Sarah Crossan book before you will understand what I am about to say. Her books are not written in the usual way. Sarah has an amazing way of making a story fit into what seems like a book of poems. Each chapter covers only one or two pages, flowing into each other smoothly. Her books are so gripping; it is hard to put them down. Knowing each chapter is so small, you think to yourself ‘I will just read another one, and then another and then another and then another….’ You get the point!

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