‘Toffee’ by Sarah Crossan Book Review

If you have ever picked up a Sarah Crossan book before you will understand what I am about to say. Her books are not written in the usual way. Sarah has an amazing way of making a story fit into what seems like a book of poems.  Each chapter covers only one or two pages, flowing into each other smoothly. Her books are so gripping; it is hard to put them down. Knowing each chapter is so small, you think to yourself ‘I will just read another one, and then another and then another and then another….’ You get the point!  

Like some young adults, when I was at school doing English I would roll my eyes and moan at the mention of poetry but the way Sarah Crossan writes her books, it is so excited and intriguing to read something that doesn’t look the same as your typical novel on the inside. At first it might look scary, and it could put some readers off just from the way it looks but trust me, pick up that book and read it! Every single little poem/chapter is all linked together, flowing easily into each other reading like any normal novel would.  Each one of Sarah’s books is beautiful in their own right, including her latest novel ‘Toffee’.

Allison runs away from home, running from an abusive father. Hoping to find her dad’s girlfriend, Kelly-Anne, who is the closest person to a mother that Allison has she finds herself stranded in a Cornish seaside town. Having nowhere to live she finds a shed in what she thinks looks like an abandoned house. She soon finds out that it isn’t abandoned and Marla, an elderly woman lives there. Marla mistakes Allison as a friend from the past called Toffee and invites her in. Marla is confused, and using it to her advantage, Allison, pretending to be someone else, becomes friends with Marla and realises how much she really needs a friend right now.

Toffee deals with a lot of pain; including dementia and an abusive family. This does cause some dark times throughout but the story still includes its humour and lots of beautiful moments between the two main characters. I couldn’t help myself but to keep reading this book, staying up much later than I should have been (specially being in work the next day) to try and read as much as I could, I managed to finish it within 24 hours.  

As soon as I picked it up, I knew it was going to be another brilliant book from Sarah, and I wasn’t wrong. Make sure it is one of your reads for this year! You will not regret it!



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