‘Unstoppable’ by Dan Freedman Review

Unstoppable is Dan Freedman’s first young adult novel. This is not part of his football series, ‘James Johnson’ and is not aimed at sport fans, although it does include some football which we all know Dan must be a wizard at by now.

For his first YA novel, Dan kicks off his new expanded career in a great way. I admit, I read the book in a day; I physically couldn’t put it down. It keeps you hooked from the start, wanting to find out what is happening throughout. If this book is anything to go by I will be buying more of his young adult novels as soon as they are written. Maybe sooner! (Sorry Dan - I swear I’ll try not to steal your hard drive!)

Fourteen Year Old twins Kaine and Ruby used to be close when they were younger, but as time went on, they grew apart. They can just about stand being in the same room as each other. Both have their own things they are great at, which causes several problems in the family and gets in the way of their relationship. Kaine is brilliant at football but his attitude towards anything else always gets him into trouble, he cares about nothing else, not school, not his friends, not even his family. Roxy is a tennis fanatic, aiming to reach for Wimbledon, any tennis lover’s dream. Kaine can’t stand the way his family support his so-called perfect sister and his behaviour gets worse, spiralling out of control. But there is a reason. Both twins are hiding their own dangerous secrets; secrets that if brought to the light could destroy everything.

I was completely shocked when I opened the front page of the book to find it is also based on a true story, which gripped me even more. I love reading books which are based on something that actually happened, it always gives it more of an exciting depth to it.
With the idea that this is based on actual events, it keeps you wanting to plough on and get through it. Each character’s feelings and everything that happens is always more appealing and draws you in more, bringing in your own emotions and your own experiences in similar situations, knowing the story is based on truth.

Roxy’s words are sometimes told through a diary, Kaine’s words are through his own thoughts. The novel flips between both their lives and stories. It gets frustrating hearing both sides, you just want to shout at the characters to talk to each other and they would realise everything isn’t what it seems (but then I suppose it wouldn’t be a good book if everything was happy and jolly).

Unstoppable is a brilliant first YA book for Dan, and for me it was unstoppable; I could not stop reading it right from the first page. It isn’t my usual YA book which I would read, but I am definitely glad I did and I will definitely be keeping my eye out for the next YA book which Dan releases.



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